At AERO V.I.P. you are free to choose from a wide range of bookable flights to fulfill the orders of our customers, or to make your own flights.

No paperwork, no constraints: at AERO V.I.P. your flights are automatically detected by our tracker, and you send your PIREP with a simple click!

No plugins, addons or software to install, our tracker is connected directly to the IVAO servers, you just have to fly under your compagny callsign for your flight to be recorded.


That said great variety of flights, said a wide variety of aircrafts, ranging from light to heavy planes, through private jets and helicopters.

At AERO VIP a type of aircraft is offered for each flight bookable, you are not obliged to perform the flight with this aircraft, you can choose from your own stckplanes, to the extent that the performance meets the requirement of theft (flight time and places available).