Chapter 1: Registration

1.1 Conditions of registration to AERO-VIP

- Be 18 years or more of age on the registration date.
- Have at least the rank FS3 (Flight Student3) on IVAO network
- Have a minimum of 100 flight hours on IVAO network

The AERO-VIP staff reserves the right to reject your registration without justification if the selection criteria are not respected.
Remember that your registration form is our first contact with you.

Chapter 2: The AERO-VIP pilot

2.1 Trainee pilot and tenure

Trainee pilot

• When registering within the company, the AERO-VIP pilot is a "Recruit".
• He must make his first flight within a maximum of one week in order to validate his registration and be automatically awarded the rank of "Trainee Pilot".
• You will then have to do an introductory flight with one of our instructors who will show you the operation of the company, and will appreciate your knowledge in order to establish you.
• If you are a beginner in the world of aerial simulation, and have very little, experience, an instructor will take you under his wing and train you before you can become tenured.
If the trainee pilot has at least IVAO PP rank and/or his total more than 1000H flight on IVAO network, he's exempt from initiation flight.

Holder pilot
Once his AERO-VIP pilot status is validated, the new AERO-VIP pilot gets the corresponding rank below

2.2 Company ranks

Recruit :
Nouvelle recrue
Rank obtained automatically when you register as new pilot.

Trainee Pilot :

Rank obtained from your first 1/2 hour flight completed without having been established by an instructor.

Holder pilot :

Rank obtained after having been established by an instructor.

First flight private pilot :

Rank obtained automatically after having performed 50 hours flight in the company.

Private pilot :

To be a holder of the IVAO Private Pilot (PP), or have a least of 1000H flight on IVAO, or have a least of 200 hours of flight within the company AERO-VIP.
Real PPL match.

First flight officier :

Hold the IVAO Senior Private Pilot (SPP), where you can complete a minimum of 300 hours of flying time with AERO-VIP.
PPL + IR match.

Captain :

Hold the IVAO Comercial Pilot (CP), where a minimum of 500 hours of flying time in the AERO-VIP Company.
FCL/ATPL match.

Honnor captain

Hold the IVAO Commercial Pilot IFR (CP) and total 1500H flight on IVAO and/or totalise 1000h flight within the AERO-VIP company.
Honnor captain is awarded this rank for life, even in the case of a prolonged absence and is not covered by Article 2.3 of this Regulation.


Have been integrated as an instructor pilot by the CEO and the Deputy Director AERO-VIP on the proposal of the Chief Pilot

Staff :

Be part of the AERO-VIP staff as administrator


They have exactly the same functions and oversee all the activities of the company.

• All pilots have ranks that reflect their abilities and skills in virtual flying.
If you have a real pilot license, you can have the corresponding rank (see correspondence) after providing a copy to the staff.
You are free to keep your current rank or evolve using the training tools provided by IVAO.
In case of IVAO rank change, thank you to inform the AERO-VIP STAFF so that we modify your profile.

2.3 Absence

• As a VIP AERO pilot, you commit to flying at least one flight a month to maintain your skills.
However, if for any reason you are unable to make this flight (Holidays, travel, personal reasons ...) You can request the vacancy mode via the dashboard of your account. Once your request is validated by a member of the staff, you will receive a notification by email.
Once the vacancy mode is activated, a delay of 3 months since your last flight is granted. Beyond this deadline, your account will be>
Without news from you, and in case of absence of any theft after
• 30 days for holder pilots and more, it will be considered suspended and will have to contact the Staff to be reactivated.
• 7 days for recruit and trainee pilots, it will be considered suspended and will have to contact the Staff to be reactivated.
• 90 days, he will be considered as having resigned. (Deleted from the site and our database)
This suspensive system is automatically managed by AERO-VIP website

2.4 Network flight

During his flight for company, the AERO VIP pilot must :
- Fly on the IVAO network
You must use your AERO VIP callsign AVIxxXX

It is reminded that any military flight is prohibited on AERO-VIP except special events.

You are required to comply with the IVAO regulation which is the network we use, you represent the company within IVAO, therefore, any pilots who have breached the IVAO rules or subject to provisional suspention or definitive on the network, will be suspended or removed from the AERO-VIP company. It is after a meeting of the staff that the decision of suspention or cancellation will be taken.

The AERO-VIP staff reserves the right to suspend at any time a member who does not respect the company rules,
or the IVAO rules during his flights on the network

Chapitre 3: AERO-VIP flights

3.1 Date and time of flights

• You must make the proposed flights on the indicated date.
• A departure time is indicated, it is optional, you have of course the opportunity to perform the flight at the time of your choice, however, you must try to respect the best flight time indicated (customers do not like expect).
• In case of event or relay flights, it is strongly recommended to respect the indicated schedule to the extent that other pilots will have to rely on your punctuality.
• Free flights :
You are of course not obliged to perform the proposed flights. You have the possibility to make your own flights on the IVAO network under your Callsign company, your hours will automatically be counted.

• Any AERO-VIP pilot can offer a one-time activity to other AERO-VIP pilots.
He will submit it to STAFF for approval using the means of communication below.


4.1 Tools

To communicate with other pilots or contact STAFF, we purpose :

• A DISCORD server for which you will find all the connection information
on the RESSOURCES page of your dashboard.

• Some social networks like Facebook

Using our communication tools we ask you :

To express yourself clearly and accurately.
To heal your spelling as much as possible.
To proscribe the SMS language and the abbreviations of all communication in order to be understood by all.

Politeness, courtesy and good humor in your remarks.

Failure to comply with one of this rules will automatically result in the cancellation of the AERO-VIP driver without notifications.

DISCORD rules :

  • Only members registered as AERO-VIP pilot have permanent access to the server.
  • NEW AERO VIP MEMBERS: New registered members as active AERO VIP pilot will have permanent access to the server.
  • At you first connect to the server, please wait for an administrator to activate you.
  • our name must be composed of your callsign company followed by your first name, eg: [AVI00XX] your-first name.
  • In case of event like FULL STAFF, an exceptional and provisional authorization can be granted to the guests during the event duration.
  • Regular controls over the server will be done by the STAFF.
  • Distorted voices are strictly prohibited.
  • Identity theft where wacky identity strictly forbidden.
  • You represent the company AERO-VIP. If you do not respect these rules, or are subject to a suspention, your rights to the server will either be suspended or permanently terminated after the staff's decision.
  • Any finding of illegal or degrading activity will result in the final ban
  • You are asked; to maintain a correct language and to respect the people who are connected
  • You can send your pictures (screen shoots) in the dedicated DISCORD room. The administrators reserve the right to use these photos to feed the site where the Facebook page of the company AERO-VIP. You can oppose it by indicating the "Private" status in picture legend.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in suspension or deletion from the server.
  • Your connection to the server implies acceptance of these rules.